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Creative Brief

  • Five Ways to Positively Enhance Candidate Experience

    Everyone suffers when an interview process doesn't go well; excellent candidates end up without a job and companies and recruiters end up with potentially damaged reputations. While it is obviously important for job seekers to take the interview process seriously, there are also several steps that those on the hiring end can take in order …Read More »
  • Is taking a counter offer in your best interest?

    What is a Counteroffer? There are many reasons that you may seek out a new job while you are currently employed. Perhaps you feel undervalued or undercompensated for your hard work. Perhaps you feel static in your current position, with little opportunity for growth or promotion. Perhaps you simply need a greater income. While it …Read More »
  • Five Ways to Improve Your Management Skills

    Successful businesses rely on best business practices, which start at the top and are modeled by all other employees. In short, excellent work ethic is the result of excellent management. Below are several strategies to step up your management in order to ensure the best workplace possible. #1 Communicate Effectively  Communicating your visions, goals, expectations, …Read More »

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